GYM Ledger ICO - First Health Band with Hardware Wallet

GYM Ledger ICO

GYM Ledger ICO

GYM Ledger ICO ratingGYM Ledger ICO - Gym Rewards may be a fun blockchain company that provides America with the chance to earn cash by taking part in sports. the thought of the project is to encourage individuals to exercise or participate in any physical activity which will be paid in direct proportion to the intensity of the exercise. Blockchain athletic facility Rewards network isn't a similar as different networks, as a result of the miners here square measure mobile applications. instead of computing the facility of laptop instrumentation - coaching within the athletic facility and sports.

Currently, the majority don't watch their health. As a rule, this can be continuously tied to a decent daily routine and trying standard of living. The developers of the athletic facility Rewards project are facing this downside once they need to pay all their time in job work and haven't any likelihood to travel to the athletic facility or simply to induce started. that's why they set to create associate formidable, advanced project, however terribly helpful.

Health Band

  • The athletic facility reward is that the Bluetooth heartbeat number for associate electronic cash exploitation application.
  • Watch your wrist-based, auto-continuous vital sign for higher calories all day.
  • Maximize your exercises mistreatment easy heartbeats (Fat Burn, Cardio, and Peak).
  • Keep track of all-day activities like steps, distance, burned calories, floors and minutes of activity.
  • Synchronize wireless and automatic statistics together with your laptop and over two hundred high iOS, Android, and Windows devices.
GYM Ledger ICO


For those that add the athletic facility to repair their numbers, typically there's a spare quantity of motivation to try and do it frequently. many folks apprehend or have detected that so as to realize the specified result, there should be tremendous efforts for themselves, as categories need a rigorous observer to go to the athletic facility, as well. strict diet. the majority have issue reconstruction the new regime, as a result of antecedently nobody watched as they required to eat, bedtime, so the body may recover and be prepared for a subsequent coaching session.

Let us currently abstract out of the game activities to induce a visible result and recall that, 1st and foremost, the movement is life. Moderate exercise is critical for our body. Lack of physical activity by age will cause the event of disorder and high pressure. that's why doctors advocate walking in recent air or lowest exercise.

Since we have a tendency to square measure talking a couple of systems that use electronic cash, then, of course, it's noteworthy may be a downside because of the safety of our funds. it's ne'er too late to require care of your own safety. However, it's higher to try and do therefore within the face of unpleasant surprises.
  • Humans lack the correct motivation to realize results.
  • Lack of physical activity ends up in health issues.
  • Not enough information regarding the way to shield yourself within the electronic cash world
GYM Ledger ICO


The athletic facility Rewards project team has developed an associate innovative resolution to all or any of those problems. This resolution relies on a mobile application with a non-centralized operative device controlled by the Proof of Exercise protocol. This program permits users to earn athletic facility token throughout coaching.

The which means of the blockchain network is that the written record is localized, and computing power is required to take care of its performance. Typically, this can be done mistreatment instrumentation like a laptop or mining farm. within the blockchain athletic facility Rewards network, miners perform the functions of the miners' mobile devices. The app monitors the situation of the device and if its location matches the situation of the athletic facility, the app can mechanically be activated. The mechanism of the work lies within the incontrovertible fact that the appliance is synchronal with a carpus brace that reads the heartbeat and sends them to the appliance. The pacemaker calculates the extent of physical activity of someone and bases on them, hard the bonus quantity within the athletic facility token. Cards square measure awarded in mobile applications,

The athletic facility Ledger carpus strap is employed not solely as a tool for vital sign watching, however, besides everything, it's a cool case to store electronic cash.

Scheme of GYM Ledger

  • Portable athletic facility Rewards application. currently, it's totally practical and offered to be used on Android OS and iOS. This app includes bracelet readings, physical activity calculations, and asking tokens.
  • Wristbands with case operate. carpus watch ticker. It additionally performs the operation of the associated iron purse, like Trezor or Ledger.
  • Exercise Protocol (POE). proof of exercise. this can be a wise contract reward system that's activated once a mobile device has associate application running supported GPS knowledge confirming that the device is within the athletic facility.
  • Exchange GymBase Exchange token. Designed to supply users with convenient opportunities to quickly and simply sell the tokens earned throughout coaching.


The project developers have done an excellent job to create all their ideas and show the planet the finished product. The system is assumed to the tiniest details, even a operate just like the sale of earned codes. so as to supply the specified liquidity and maintain the worth of the token, it's necessary to enter into agreements with project partners, like stock exchanges or exchanges. In general, this product is prepared for work.

Now developers have launched a bracelet campaign, moreover as continued to interact in current updates of the app and adding new placements supported partner mapping knowledge.

For those that are frequently concerned with the application, this may be an excellent chance to create cash from their energy. And for those that aren't qualified, the sole tool offered is to encourage individuals to apply.

GYM Ledger ICO Token

Detail: GYM Ledger ICO Token
Token GYM
Price 1 GYM = 0.0001 ETH
Bounty Available
MVP/Prototype Available
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH
Hard cap 15,000 ETH
Country USA
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas USA
GYM Ledger ICO

GYM Ledger ICO

GYM Ledger ICO Team

GYM Ledger ICO

GYM Ledger ICO

GYM Ledger ICO Roadmap

GYM Ledger ICO

GYM Ledger ICO

Important Information

  • Wallet ERC20
  • 0xAC1E0107d9E8c595176f98e26067e1975be1eA63

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