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Mix.Rent ICO

Mix.Rent ICO

Mix Rent ICO ratingMix.Rent ICO - Mix.Rent is extremely a decentralized car rental and administration advertises. Because of the work of blockchain and advancements gets, the stage gives its customers the greatest and most reasonable database of methods of transport, that will be refreshed in real-time. The decentralized sort of this stage offers coordinate joint effort with high quantities of tenants and vehicle proprietors around the whole world.

Mix.Rent is a Quick developing stage for renting a Variety of types Of vehicles. At the specific first year of execution, the stage selected in excess of 11,000 clients, which recorded in excess of 7,000 vehicles. The activity is direct and clear for most market members. Anyone can win ventures all through the ICO and profit out of the feasible and operational firm, where each one can harvest. This stage is fundamental for the two financial specialists and clients, that will be upheld by 100,000 of assets got from investors.

Mix.Rent itself the errand of getting the world pioneer at the Rental administrations commercial center, creating great client help, and dispatch a business plan that offers unending ascent of this MIX token. ICO is finished with the goal of changing the business to a decentralized stage and lessening time and costs of renting vehicles for a few clients, that empowers for quickened scaling of the organization.


  • No stage to lease varying sorts of vehicles.
  • High possibility of losing a piece of your store.
  • High lease for vacationers.
  • Renters unconscious of what unequivocal vehicle they'll get.
  • No practically identical rating to settle on the least complex give.

  • No advantageous stage to credit a vehicle.
  • No stage serving to attract new clients.
  • No appraising of auto property holders.
  • Low trust in leaseholders.

Solutions of Mix.Rent

Client center is our need
Mix.Rent helps clients rapidly select the area, the kind of vehicle and design the essential parameters. Furthermore, our administration will demonstrate the rating of the proprietor's organization, or, in other words, the premise of input from past requests.

Exceptional offers from proprietors
Leaseholders are given restrictive offers from proprietors, i.e. interesting, classy autos and cruisers with their own one of kind identities; tweaked yachts; trailers and RVs that can take you to various occasions and nations; and uncommon models of helicopters.

Worthwhile offers
Mix.Rent spares both time and cash for its clients. The stage gives the chance to get a rebate for long-haul rentals.

Simple to list
Mix.Rent separates all boundaries that entangle leasing as at no other time. When you make a vehicle profile, the stage demonstrates the normal market costs and the normal month to month income from your vehicle. This is the first run through the market investigation and the starter estimation of income has been done so rapidly and helpfully.

Mix.Rent ICO

Ways of Working Mix.Rent

World Stage
Join. The lease is easy to list your vehicle in. mortgage holders day by day list their vehicles, and tenants decide on and book vehicles by esteem, class, and site.No must be constrained to manufacture your very own site on the off chance that you wish to share your vehicle.

Decisions for Proprietors
The proprietor must offer a portrayal of his vehicle, picture and in this way the incentive to ask clients on the stage and start gaining. When the posting is made the stage demonstrates the normal expenses on the market.

Twenty One Vehicle Classes
Users will lease/lease autos, bikes, engine bikes, bicycles, snowmobiles, ATVs, limousines, helicopters, control watercraft, yachts, minibusses, planes, RVs, custom vehicles. each sort of vehicles accumulated in one place to be utilized for work and amusement.

Client Rating
Users will offer remarks and criticism. The objective is to frame a substitution blockchain-based scoring framework which can modify to rapidly evaluate dangers. to a great degree evaluated clients get vehicles while not deposit.

A lot of Vehicles
Inside the future, the stage can give vehicles to visitors upheld their inclinations and site. The framework can store information concerning the inclinations and give new choices.

Frightfully Soon
Vehicle rental is regularly paid with tokens and digital currencies. Extra expenses to pay with the stage tokens.

Mix.Rent ICO

Features of Mix.Rent

The improvement group means to wind up a world pioneer in this specialty and to give quality support all things considered. Such a site will lessen the expense of leasing autos and will scale up this kind of administration.

In spite of the considerable number of points of interest and chances of the cutting edge showcase, a few issues stayed uncertain. For instance, there is no single worldwide rental stage, so when voyaging, you need to invest a great deal of energy searching for organizations that give rental administrations. Another issue that clients confront is the passing of a store. A few associations falsely decline to discount, entirely or somewhat. For the individuals who jump at the chance to travel, leasing a remote card isn't productive, in light of the fact that amid the transformation procedure the sum increments while paying for token administrations this circumstance can stay away from. All the time organizations offer their best autos to occupants, and the decision is produced using different vehicles that don't compare to the class.

Mix.Rent will enable you to pick the most useful offer; every proprietor will have the capacity to put his offer and make a benefit. Every single existing stage doesn't give a chance to pull in new clients; proprietors need to designate assets for publicizing autonomously, this issue will likewise be unraveled on account of Mix.Rent. Inhabitants of the stage will see the rating of transport, which will build the level of trust and prevalence of the administration.

Benefits of Mix.Rent

  • Ensures store remuneration by implies that of sensible contracts.
  • Lower charges and faster gathering activity process with digital currency installments.
  • Relate decision to pick a specific vehicle from the explained information out there on the stage.
  • Relate decision to lease contrasting sorts of vehicles wherever the planet on one stage.
  • A dependable scoring framework that empowers clients to settle on the least complex offers.

  • A simple stage to get the salary.
  • Successful devices to attract clients.
  • Scoring framework making mortgage holders a great deal of reliable.
  • A rating that discloses to you a great deal of concerning leaseholders' dependableness.

Advantages of Mix.Rent

The store is blocked naturally on the site, and if there are no issues, the store will consequently come back to the record. All exchanges will be prepared in a brief period and with the assistance of Mix.Rent the client will have the capacity to pre-book a vehicle anyplace on the planet.

Proprietors of autos, watercraft, yachts, and cruisers will have the capacity to acquire cash promptly subsequent to filling in the required information.

The stage has an agreeable interface, through which the client can rapidly choose an area, indicate the kind of transport and select the vital parameters. Mix.Rent will enable spare to time and cash while getting high caliber and agreeable administration.

All exchanges will be led utilizing brilliant contracts and put away in Blockchain, information on the proprietor, and in addition, the inhabitant, audits, and evaluations will be spared and not subject to erasure or modification. On account of the blockchain, clients get dependable and quick cash exchange to the record.

Mix.Rent ICO Token

Detail: Mix.Rent ICO Token
Token MIX
Price 1 MIX = 0.00085 ETH
Bounty Available
MVP/Prototype Available
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH, BTC, XMR, XRP
Hard cap 30,000,000 USD
Country Ireland
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas USA
Mix.Rent ICO

Mix.Rent ICO Team

Mix.Rent ICO

Mix.Rent ICO

Mix.Rent ICO

Mix.Rent ICO Roadmap

Mix.Rent ICO

Important Information

  • Wallet ERC20
  • 0xAC1E0107d9E8c595176f98e26067e1975be1eA63

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