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MOONX ICO ratingMoonX ICO - Moonx could be a platform while not bounds to bolsters exchanging of most thought altcoins. what is a lot of, it's a blockchain innovation that may probably handle the obscurity and obstructions to the passage of this worldwide fund framework. alteration cash connected trade to simple|an easy|a simple} and open settlement prepare, offered to any or all gatherings, is one in all the fantasies within the core of the overall population blockchain development.

MoonX could be a platform while not bounds for exchanging crypto resources that are localized and co-claimed by the full MoonX Family.

While existing arrangements provide to tackle just one issue promptly, the MoonX family is up to construct a deeply secure, helpful, simple|and easy} to utilize item visible of the personal blockchain. it'll incorporate straightforward cryptographical cash installments connection and even a complicated discretion framework.

MoonX could be a localized crypto trade. The novel localized responsibility for Exchange lies altogether with the Brothers and Sisters of MoonX Family. money specialists, supporters, MoonX blessed messengers and merchants on the stage are salaried with Moon cash and that they can naturally be a relation or a sister of MoonX family. From Associate in Nursing 'exchanging trade' angle, the changeless confiscate record innovation offers a secure, straightforward, and powerful stage. Utilizing blockchain because the elementary layer permits MoonX to be extraordinarily elastic to supply Associate in Nursing pure crypto trade with each Crypto and order, shaping the section and exit on a middle exchanging motor outskirts.

MoonX suggests that to include all organizations, representatives, and business resources into a brought along blockchain surroundings, which is able to build the business very productive, straightforward, and solid.

Problem & Solution of MoonX

  • Centralization of exchangers and exchanges. Moonx won't be controlled by one person or company. In Moonx, all Moon cash holders are homeowners of Moonx and have identical weight in decision-making.
  • Limited technical capabilities. most exchanges suffer from TPS, massive delays, and scaling issues. Moonx can correct the mistakes of his predecessors.
  • High commission and accommodation fee. Commissions and hidden payments have an awfully negative impact on investors, traders and also the new ICO. Such a model aimed solely at increasing the budget of the platform negatively affects its users. once the primary sale, you become a member of the Moonx family and you now not pay a cent of commissions.
  • Complex navigation on the positioning. Most exchanges and exchangers have a fancy and incomprehensible navigation for the user on the positioning and don’t have such straightforward functions as search and support center. Moonx, and during this scenario, can surpass their opponents, making an easy interface and a support team that works twenty-four hours a day.
  • Limited services. Moonx can become not solely a currency commercialism center, however also will have practical for margin commercialism, options, etc. Associate in Nursing scheme that allows third parties to make a business supported Moonx are created.


Features of MoonX

  • Pure Free Commercialism System
MoonX framed to reveal the chance of 'for benefit' typical 'unified' crypto trades UN agency exploit the tip shoppers and also the ICO postings. Zero Commission Fees for shoppers and relatives: These don't seem to be guilty once you're a chunk of the Moon family, all things thought of, you finally end up one in all USA simply by exchanging once. There are not any posting expenses for ICO ventures, MoonX's main goal is to advance and facilitate completely different coins to be changed with bigger liquidity and adaptability.

  • Revolutionary Coin Mechanism
Each consumer gets Moon cash to pay and turns into a Moon Family give potential profit, basic leadership, and ballot rights enclosed. Moon cash is deep-mined by all network people in light-weight of the commitment to Moon Family and them within the long-standing time advantage from the execution and energy regarding Moon cash.

  • Military Level Technical School & User
Friendly Product: Real exchange Technology created by world exchange Leaders. MoonX plans to supply a radical digital currency exchanging stage with 'crypto-to-crypto' and growing identical to 'fiat-to-crypto' exchanging motors.

  • Military Grade Security
MoonX has Associate in Nursing extreme greatness in coming up with, a gathering of world-driving specialists volunteered in building the simplest in school anchored blockchain trade and plan's to coordinate or maybe surpass the subsisting high stock trade level + innovation and provides best-exchanging information to the MoonX shoppers.

  • Revolutionary Mining Mechanism
If you're intrigued to finally end up Associate in Nursing excavator of MoonX this is often a good shot for you since commercialism is mining in MoonX every exchange is salaried with Moon Mazuma, The prizes are higher for early adopters. Moon Mazuma is to be deep-mined by the MoonX Family by death penalty on their stage.

  • Pure Free commercialism Platform
The organization can pay early shoppers with real Moon Mazuma, the organization stage simply charges zero.1% for the exchange expense but it'll be repaid to the dealers if the kind of Moon Mazuma.

  • MoonX Family is Reliably Listening
The localized organization wants a localized trade, the voice of every user is in result auricularly perceived and has the possibility to verbalize for his or her sentiments or proposals.

  • Any Currency to Any Currency Exchange
Trading beginning with one cash then onto consecutive cryptographical cash is supported by the organization, the organization will not confine it to 3– four base sets, not the least bit just like the alternative subsisting localized trade.

MoonX Technology

  • High Volume and High outturn Trade-Engine
MoonX exchanging and coordinating motor facilitate in way over a hundred million records at crest scale with shut direct scaling style. The item is being worked to assist an even bigger record base with the next exchange outturn for every record.

  • A period of military formation Book
The MoonX exchanging client is presently constructing, what's alluded to as Associate in Nursing open-arrange book trade, with an elementary motor that plans to mirror price developments in the shut current. this may primarily support a standout amongst the foremost searched for once dealer needs for speed to showcase activity. The open-arrange book can, on the opposite hand, bolster any developed exchanging highlights together with exchanging things, graphs, and the specialized investigation soon.

  • Implication Engine-Any to Any commercialism Pairs
One in all the foremost essential and acceptable wants, within the Crypto setting, is Associate in the nursing exchanging client that gives Associate in Nursing expansive bundle of altcoin exchanges and access to exchange any coin to any coin. The MoonX Implication Engine is that the 1st of a sort on the earth that empowers shoppers to truly exchange any coin for any coin within the stage

  • Unlisted commercialism Desk
One distinguished hole is that the neglected demand for mass purchases and offers of crypto resources at settled predestinate prices. an unlisted workspace that is likewise alluded to because the 'Over the Counter' administration workspace offers a mass purchase and pitch workspace to crypto dealers and money specialists UN agency is trying to find higher esteem exchanges while not moving prices on open trades.

MoonX ICO Token

Detail: MoonX ICO Token
Token MMC
Price 1 MMC = 0.0000125 ETH
Bounty Available
MVP/Prototype Available
Platform Ethereum
Accepting BTC, Fiat
Hard cap 300 BTC
Country Switzerland
Whitelist/KYC KYC
Restricted areas None

MoonX ICO Team



MoonX ICO Roadmap




Supporters and Partners MoonX


Important Information

  • Wallet ERC20
  • 0xAC1E0107d9E8c595176f98e26067e1975be1eA63

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