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Platio ICO

Platio ICO

Platio ICO ratingPlatio ICO - Platio is the across the board keen keeping money stage for crypto, fiat, and stock resources. Bolstered by EOS blockchain innovation, this stage will offer clients a sheltered and advantageous approach to oversee exchanges among conventional and advanced fund. Clients can make installments in crypto by means of SEPA/SWIFT and charge cards.

Shrewd keeping money designs intend to assemble trust with interesting 'Resource Guard' and 'Savvy Escrow' items. Both utilize savvy contracts to shield Platio clients from the fundamental difficulties of the crypto world.

Platio ICO

Exchange & Brokerage

Trade and Brokerage will be a basic piece of the Platio Smart Banking Ecosystem. For Platio this item won't just be the instrument for clients to trade and exchange fiat, crypto and stocks, yet additionally, the hidden innovation empowering Platio's different items, for example, Platio installment cards, the Merchant preparing API, Payments (SWIFT/SEPA/Ripple/OCT) and Asset protect.

Reason for Choosing Platio

Customary banks are exceptionally specific in the administrations they accommodate crypto clients inside their current keeping money frameworks. They have not grasped the computerized coin period or the way digital currencies have developed. Being completely consistent, controlled and innovatively progressed, Platio takes care of this issues with simple access to the Platio Ecosystem, utilizing tokenization of benefits in view of EOS innovation, and supporting the three sorts of benefits: crypto, fiat, and stocks. 

Problems of Platio

Conventional banks are extremely specific in the administrations they give to cryptographic clients in their current saving money framework. They have not acknowledged the advanced period of coins, or how electronic cash has developed. Platio tackles this issue with simple access to Platio biological systems, utilizes resource tokenization dependent on EOS innovation, and backings three sorts of advantages. Offer: crypto, fiat, and stock.

In the event that you are a crypto client, you more likely than not confronted this test - in any event once:
  • Must enter numerous administrations to be dispensed: trades, online converters, electronic installment administrations. Platio conveys the wallet of a solitary client lastly gives an approach to run different activities with assets across the board put with three kinds of advantages.
  • It's a well-known fact that holding Crypto opens you to a few dangers: sudden changes in crypto esteems and the danger of losing a private key. The Asset Guard highlight of Platio ensures crypto, fiat, and your offers, all put away in a biological community safe against conceivable dangers caused by high market unpredictability or loss of access. Likewise, with the Platio you can decide the states of trade and keen contracts will trade crypto or your offers for fiat and return You can determine the length of latency of the outside record that the shrewd contract will exchange possession from your crypto record to another crypto or fiat account.
  • Crypto installments can't be changed.
Platio ICO

Solutions of Platio

In any case, Platio has an answer: the Smart Escrow will just discharge your crypto after you get what you are paying for. The brilliant contract sends crypto, fiat or stocks to the dealer of an item or administration simply after parameters of the arrangement are met and the purchaser really gets the guaranteed item or administration.

"Platio plans to take the best highlights from both crypto and fiat monetary frameworks", clarifies Dima Okhrimchuk, Platio's CEO. "Our Smart Banking Ecosystem is set to expand trust in crypto as an advantage and drive its worldwide selection".

Features of Platio 

Platio's application will be accessible on iOS and Android, and also an electronic application. Platio's savvy keeping money biological community will comprise of an assortment of items and highlights that cooperate to furnish clients with a consistent value-based process. Platio will tailor its items to the necessities of the two people and organizations, guaranteeing that both appreciate enhanced access to electronic cash exchanges.

Trade and Brokerage will be a fundamental piece of the Platio Smart Banking Ecosystem.

For Platio this item won't just be the instrument for clients to trade and exchange fiat, crypto and stocks, yet additionally, the hidden innovation empowering Platio's different items, for example, Platio installment cards, the Merchant preparing API, Payments and Asset watch.

Benefit of Platio

  • Make bargains in crypto and fiat monetary forms and the escrow highlight will expand the trust among gatherings and it will wipe out the contentions.
  • Shield your crypto and fiat from sudden unpredictability.
  • Exchange and trade your crypto and fiat utilizing a solitary stage.
  • Get crypto and fiat for the organizations and people.
  • Store both fiat and crypto in one place.
  • Spend both fiat and crypto utilizing plastic or virtual card offered by Platio as you wish.
  • Make installments in crypto and fiat utilizing SWIFT/SEPA/OCT
  • Exchange your crypto or fiat inside Platio biological system for nothing

Platio ICO Token

Detail: Platio ICO Token
Token PGAS
Price 1 PGAS = 0.0007 ETH
Bounty Available
MVP/Prototype Available
Platform EOS
Accepting ETH, BTC
Hard cap 34,500,000 EUR
Country UK
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas USA
Platio ICO

Platio ICO Team

Platio ICO

Platio ICO

Platio ICO Roadmap

Platio ICO

Platio ICO

Important Information

  • Wallet ERC20
  • 0xAC1E0107d9E8c595176f98e26067e1975be1eA63

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