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Securix ICO

Securix ICO

Securix ICO ratingSecurix ICO - Securix is a digital money mining arrangement situated in the Netherlands. It includes an operationally prepared item, an eco-cognizant vitality program, and the creative resource upheld SRXIO token, Securix is putting forth improved esteem and a separated item versus cloud mining tasks, giving a month to month uninvolved gross income offer to financial specialists from its mining activity, while shielding token holders from value instability.

The Netherlands was picked as the base camp as it is outstanding for its agreement on all issues to do with financial matters and governmental issues. Subsequently, the area was picked dependent on four primary contemplations: versatility, key position, security, and wellbeing. has an expressed objective to make Blockchain and cryptographic innovation straightforward and available to a more extensive group of onlookers. The designers guarantee they will dispatch a decentralized EAN-to-EAN stage and all buys will be made specifically from the green generator.

Works of Securix

  • Register
Go to enlistment on and agree to accept support in the crowdsale.

  • ERC-20 wallet
You should have an ERC-20 good wallet to partake in the crowdsale. You can get an ERC-20 wallet at

  • Exchange
Exchange the measure of cryptographic money according to guidelines that you wish to spend on SRXIO tokens. After the fruitful exchange anticipates the affirmation from Securix.

  • Get SRXIO
After you get the affirmation from Securix that your assets have been cleared, you will see the SRXIO tokens in the wallet you've given. Appreciate the SRXIO token with the regularly scheduled payout.

Securix ICO

Features of Securix

  • As in other huge organizations, staff will be furnished with support 24 hours per day for digital currency generation frameworks. This will guarantee continuous homestead activities and get the most extreme benefits for speculators for each SRXIO token acquired.
  • Normally, mining is hazardous in the event that you think about a fire risk. That is the reason all homesteads will be furnished with a fire concealment framework, a similar structure will be produced using fireproof materials, which will additionally improve wellbeing.
  • Securix will be maximally ensured against a wide range of PC assaults, in light of the fact that each assault is the danger of losing financial specialist reserves, and the task can't get it. An extraordinary office with experts will be made to manage digital security issues.
  • Lastly, obviously, a modern ventilation framework will be made to guarantee that gear functions admirably and with a base number of disappointments.

Problems & Solutions of Securix

  • Not Following Guide
Most ICO's don't have a genuine item amid the crowdsale. They can change their vision and techniques. Securix has a genuine item and we have to keep up our digging office for our token holders to augment the yield. So following the guide is essential for Securix, as the enthusiasm of the organizers are the equivalent as every other person! They are likewise token holders and advantage from an exceptionally effective mining task.

  • No Reasonable Future Vision
The crypto mining has a reasonable future. As Securix we are reliant of the mining market. Securix has an unmistakable vision to augment yield by re-contributing and the buyback consuming system, which guarantees the best quantifiable profit for the token holders.

  • Shrouded Cost Structure
Up till now, our rivals are utilizing a net benefit based benefit split. As a token holder, you are paying the expenses. It very well may be indistinct what those expenses are as they are not uncovered. Our methodology is remarkable. We have a gross Revenue share! No shrouded costs, every one of the dangers and expenses is the pioneering dangers of Securix.

  • The absence of Correspondence After ICO
After the Securix crowdsale, we stay up with the latest with pamphlets, and in-app news and updates from our mining office.

Securix ICO

Advantages of Securix

  • Buy of power will be done without go-betweens from the stage EAN-2-EAN, which essentially diminishes the cost.
  • All procedures identified with mining will be checked through extraordinary projects, which will make it conceivable to rapidly tackle any challenges and issues.
  • The organization accommodates a month to month speculation procedure. This suggests every month the assets will be reinvested and along these lines, the cost and volume of the organization's tokens will increment. Additionally, it will give a chance to every financial specialist to routinely make a benefit.
  • Successful arrangement of security, information insurance, and fire wellbeing. The greater part of the items will be made of the heatproof material, the organization will dependably be under the supervision of the security framework, and the organization's masters will have the capacity to counteract programmer assaults.
  • The organization creates application Securix Mega Vault Wallet and interior trade Exchange DCE. On account of the application, you can deal with your parity and discover precise data about the intensity of the organization and the number of coins minted. What's more, their inside trade will give the chance to purchase and offer certain crypto resources, and additionally trade them for customary cash.

Securix ICO Token

Detail: Securix ICO Token
Price 1 SRXIO = 1 USD
Bounty Available
MVP/Prototype Available
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH, BTC, BCH, Fiat
Hard cap 55,000,000 USD
Country UEA
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas None
Securix ICO

Securix ICO Team

Securix ICO

Securix ICO

Securix ICO Roadmap

Securix ICO

Important Information

  • Wallet ERC20
  • 0xAC1E0107d9E8c595176f98e26067e1975be1eA63

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