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Swiss Alps Mining & Energy ICO

Swiss Alps Mining & Energy ICO

Swiss Alps Mining ICO ratingSwiss Alps Mining & Energy ICO - Swiss Alps Energy (SAE) could be a distribution-based ledger energy provider and operator of versatile standard mining infrastructure dedicated to long-run stationary use. As such, SAE maintains unused buildings in Swiss Alps and uses them showing wisdom and uninterruptedly with either the building or the setting.

Swiss Alps Energy is working business of Swiss Alps Mining & Energy. Team members return from areas like blockchain technology, cryptocurrency miners and application developers and hyper ledger specialists, moreover as civil engineers, infrastructure engineers, and energy specialists. The team has with success developed and launched many products, solutions, and applications supported blockchain technology. the corporate is presently through the applying stage to become a member of Swiss self-financing organization (SRO).

The Mission of Swiss Alps Energy

Swiss Alps Energy Ag is that the initial company with revolutionary solutions to save lots of up to five-hundredths of its electricity prices by victimization mining stones that square measure solely supported by renewable energy and ORC recovery from waste heat from mining instrumentality. it's an answer to the world issues facing the business. The water boiling purpose is far lower at high altitudes wherever the cube is positioned creating energy recovery rather more economical. This makes mining considerably additional profitable, protective Swiss cultural heritage, and saving energy.

Swiss Alps Energy Ag can hold AN Initial Coin giving (ICO) in Gregorian calendar month 2018. Funds collected within the ICO are accustomed to finance the event and growth of mining facilities and to accumulate possession of electricity power.

Swiss Alps Mining & Energy ICO


Swiss Alps Energy Ag aims to attain the goal of being the energy provider, energy sales platform and neutral network node supplier through its SAM Power Plant, SAM Cubes, and SAM Centers. Swiss Alps Energy Ag provides the muse for several future-oriented applications: money quality custody and transfer, product following through blockchain and IoT in provision and transportation, electronic records in care, and identity management to modify the KYC method for any conceivable business square measure simply a number of samples of however distributed ledger technology may be used.

SAM Power Plants

By suggests that of direct participation in or the acquisition of inexperienced power plants like hydropower plants, electrical phenomenon systems, and wind generation plants, SAE doesn't get however manufacture the property and efficient power to control the SAM Cubes. These power- generating units square measure the questionable SAM Power Plants.

SAE supports the decentralization ANd digitization of the energy transition through tokenization and an integrated net of Things (IoT) for the acquisition or exchange of electricity. Hereby, SAE acts as AN freelance energy provider, connecting the interested parties. SAE receives information on the electricity created and consumed, moreover because of the various energy worth. This info is held on on the blockchain and so clear and visual.

SAM Cubes

SAM Cube could be a standard, fast-mountable cube consisting of AN Al case and a ventilating system custom-made to its use.

The versatile and standard mining cubes offer up-to-date automation and need very little maintenance. additionally, to extremely economical ventilation units, AN Organic temperature unit Cycle (ORC) system is within the project section. ORC systems use the waste heat of commercial methods (through a downstream steam power process) to get electricity and so use the waste heat generated by the mining process to recover energy. SAM Cubes square measure situated at a high altitude and a thus lowered boiling purpose of water, that facilitate this method.

The cubes square measure self-contained and operate autonomously. For intensive maintenance and observation, every cube communicates with the central management platform that monitors the cubes and assigns to every cube the best parameter to maximize mining for max profit.

SAM Centers

In every alpine space wherever Swiss Alps Energy Ag is operative cubes, a branch workplace are put in, questionable SAM Centers. This ensures that additionally to the advantages from the protection of cultural assets the native municipalities could take advantage of tax revenues. Also, for on-site services like on-call duty and security, native skills are recruited and trained for preparation. The SAM Centers promote the economic viability of the various community and will have an enduring positive impact on different sectors.

Swiss Alps Mining & Energy ICO

SAM Blockchain

Before employing a specific distributed ledger technologies (DLT), a user must judge whether or not the targeted resolution is to develop a personal, a public or a hybrid blockchain, and whether or not a combination of various frameworks ought to be applied. SAE is awake to today’s market wants and offers a platform as a service (PaaS) that gives the corresponding freedoms to the shoppers. Users will assemble the specified technology stack in keeping with their wants.


SAM KYC-AML could be a service of SAE that enables on-line service suppliers like banks, the govt or e-commerce outlets to verify its customers in a very simplified manner. this is often attainable while not a client having to disclose comprehensive information. The customer’s identity is often saved on the central information storage of the service supplier and may so be verified based mostly of the offered information.

SAM Station

With the SAM station, SAE connects 2 current technological worlds so as to supply a straightforward and good resolution to sell electricity to the business.


Swiss Alps Energy Ag (SAE) strives to contribute to the digital era and to strengthen the muse of the groundbreaking blockchain technology. the corporate aims to advance the digital transformation and produce it to customers and businesses alike. SAE develops ANd promotes potentialities and solutions supported distributed ledger technology and seeks to show digital currencies into an everyday feature

Swiss Alps Energy Ag can hold AN Initial Coin giving (ICO) in early 2018. The funds raised within the ICO are accustomed to finance the event and growth of the mining facilities and to accumulate holdings in hydropower plants. The SAM token, Sam, is AN ERC20 token. It may be used as suggests that of payment among the SAE mining and repair universe and can be tradable outside the SAM platform on all relevant exchanges.

Swiss Alps Energy Token

Detail: Swiss Alps Energy ICO Token
Token SAM
Price 1 SAM = 0.5000 USD
Bounty Available
MVP/Prototype Available
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH, BTC, Fiat
Hard cap 100,000,000 USD
Country Switzerland
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Swiss Alps Mining & Energy ICO

Swiss Alps Energy Team

Swiss Alps Mining & Energy ICO

Swiss Alps Mining & Energy ICO

Swiss Alps Energy Roadmap

Swiss Alps Mining & Energy ICO

Swiss Alps Mining & Energy ICO

Important Information

  • Wallet ERC20
  • 0xAC1E0107d9E8c595176f98e26067e1975be1eA63

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