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Karatcoin ICO

Karatcoin ICO

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Karatcoin ICO - Karatcoin Platform is specifically connected to operational gold mines which will get funding to assist increment their gold production. A lot of Karatcoin funding increments, thus can the destroyed gold creation of our minds, that so can expand the advantage of hunt Karatcoin tokens. each one of the mines chosen by Karatcoin specialized and lawful cluster is fastidiously cleft for his or her creative ability, operational background, structural validity, and additionally their cash connected rating.


  • Value of bonds - a bond within the marketplace is currently unreliable One ought to concern about the chance that the world is in Associate in nursing prejudicial deflationary economic tempt.
  • The bond marketplace now not lags behind the "deflation curve".
  • One of the foremost vital drawbacks within the debt assist device is that the debt of patrons World Health Organization doesn't satisfy their written agreement responsibilities.
  • Unutilized gold.

Solution of Karatcoin

The Karatcoin platform is directly connected to running gold mines, in an attempt to receive funding to assist boom gold producing. The larger the funding of Karatcoin, the higher the aggregative gold producing, which, in flip, can increase the worth of the Karatcoin money.

on the localized Ethereum platform, you must purchase Karatcoin gold certificates with specific adulthood dates and corresponding semi-annual coupons with a yield of 5 to six, betting on its amount.

With the assistance of sensible contracts, you'll be able to alternate cash, belongings, stocks or some issue wanted during an obvious, struggle-loose method, at the identical time as keeping off the services of Associate in the nursing middleman. one in every one of the benefits of mistreatment sensible contracts is that the tactic is often processed. consequently, if the brink is not reached, then all of the money is coming.

Work of Karatcoin

Direct Link to Gold Mine
the foundation of Karatcoin can be coupled quickly to gold mines. Karatcoin claims to possess elect the variety of mines based on “abilities, basis, structural dependability and financial rank.” Karatcoin additionally claims no intermediaries concerned within the system: they create investments quickly in gold mines.

Bond yields selection from 5 to 6%
Karatcoin can issue “Karatcoin Gold belongings certificates” with distinctive maturity dates. those bonds pays 5–6% of their yield wishing on their maturity. An annual bond, for instance, pays hobby at 5 years and 5-12 months bonds pay hobby at 6 June 1944 keep with annum. earnings are paid each six months till maturity.

Clever agreement
The deal between Karatcoin and also the capitalist are going to be managed via clever contracts.

Features of Karatcoin

No Cross Border Restrictions
Karatcoin can offer problem free economical services with none restrictions of borders across the countries.
The connected taxes & transport value are often reduced by storing raw materials in their origin place.

Store Physical Gold
In a Centralized system you may be charged a lot of for storing your physical gold & gold bonds in banks or Associate in nursing government regulated establishments however here you'll be able to store the physical plus within the vault and keep it as gold certificates in your notecase on Karat #blockchain with an assurance to induce the upper values over time.

DPOS Accord
Karat blockchain is basically structured on Eos technically, however, it is an on an individual basis owned blockchain. It uses the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) accord for higher performance, internal control potency & less power consumption than different blockchain accord.

Celestial Body Filing System
All transactions are held on during a public ledger within the Karat blockchain and additionally all plus documents ar hold on as scanned pictures within the IPFS ( celestial body File System) to confirm the immutableness.

Less Volatility
Since Karatcoin is directly coupled to a true plus with Associate in nursing owned blockchain thence it's less volatile than different cryptocurrencies.

Fastened Revenues
Gold certificates can provide you with a pair of the period of time coupons up to six of interest.

Karatcoin ICO Token

Detail: Karatcoin ICO Token
Token KCD
Price 1 KCD = 0.1 USD
Bounty Available
MVP/Prototype Available
Platform Ethereum
Hard cap 24,700,000 USD
Country United Kingdom
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas None
Karatcoin ICO

Karatcoin ICO Team

Karatcoin ICO

Karatcoin ICO

Karatcoin ICO

Karatcoin ICO Roadmap

Karatcoin ICO

Important Information

  • Wallet ERC20
  • 0xAC1E0107d9E8c595176f98e26067e1975be1eA63

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